Buddy Pack Program

As you sit down to eat dinner with your kids tonight, some tri-state children are not getting the proper nutrition they need, especially on weekends when school isn't in session. That's why donations and fundraisers are used to raise money for the Back Pack program that feeds local students each weekend.

Hannibal Middle School  former Assistant Principal Whitney Holliday said each weekend 65 of her students take home these backpacks, which she said helps out families that are having financial difficulties. "The backpacks come with at least one soup, some fruit, a granola bar, cheese and crackers. All things that are student friendly," Hannibal Middle School Assistant Principal Whitney Holliday."It's needed because on the weekends this food goes home with students. They are able to use it. Their families are able to utilize it," said Holliday.

Local food shelters used to supply food to the problem, but financial difficulties forced them to stop. Now, the program is financed and supported by organizations like the Hannibal Alliance For Youth Success and Families and Community Together or FACT.

"A lot of kids and families are on tight budgets right now we all know that, everyone is kind of feeling that pinch, so it just gives them a little kind boost for working parents and helps them out just a little bit," 

If you need a Buddy Pack for your family, you should contact your school's office.

If you want to donate to the Buddy Pack program contact FACT in Hannibal for more information.